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Click here to buy Kelly 5C Trumpet Mouthpiece by Kelly.

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At on December 03, 2010.

The Kelly 5C Trumpet Mouthpieces offer the best in performance and flexibility in a variety of colors. The Kelly 5C Trumpet Mouthpiece features a construction of Lexan polycarbonate material that provides comfort in both hot or cold weather performance with more grip than regular brass mouthpieces. It also features a full, rounded tone that produces less fatigue on your embouchure. It is great for marching bands, pep bands and festive occasions and are available at a fraction of the price of regular mouthpieces!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kelly Mouthpieces

KELLY Mouthpieces compared to brass mouthpieces?
The sound is more focused with better "grip" on your embouchure, so the mouthpiece does not move out of position, plus a wide variety of colors to choose from.

How durable are KELLY Mouthpieces?
Made of Lexan polycarbonate, they're virtually indestructible-you will not scratch the rim or dent the shank if the mouthpiece is dropped

Are they really different from brass?
For 100 years we've all come to know brass. Now something NEW & REVOLUTIONARY in mouthpiece design & construction!

Why are KELLY Mouthpieces better for outdoor playing?
The material does NOT conduct cold or heat like brass mouthpieces. The temperature remains neutral to outside conditions.

Why are KELLY Mouthpieces colored?
Never before could you play mouthpieces with your school colors, band colors, or favorite colors. Now you can!

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