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Click here to buy Yamaha Standard Trumpet Mouthpiece by Yamaha.

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List Price: $52.95
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At on December 03, 2010.

A mouthpiece for every player.

These brass mouthpieces are produced with advanced computer design and manufacturing technology for unmatched precision, smooth attack, and easy playability. Ideal weight for all-around use and available in a variety of configurations to suit every player.

Advanced Yamaha technology for the best mouthpieces around!

Yamaha Standard Trumpet Mouthpiece Specifications:

  • Compare to:
  • TR11: Schilke 11
  • TR11A4: Bach 7E
  • TR11B4: Bach 7D
  • TR11C4: Bach 7C, Giardinelli 7C
  • TR13A4a: Schilke 13A4a
  • TR13B4: Bach 6C
  • TR13C4: Bach 6B
  • TR13D4: Bach 6
  • TR14A4a: Schilke 14A4a, Giardinelli 6S
  • TR14B4: Bach 3C, Schilke 15B
  • TR14C4: Giardinelli 5C
  • TR14D4: Bach 5B
  • TR14E4: Bach 3C rim, very deep cup
  • TR15B4: Bach 2C, shallower cup
  • TR15C4: Bach 2C
  • TR15E4: Bach 2C rim, very deep cup
  • TR16C4: Bach 1-1/2C
  • TR16D: Bach 1-1/2C, deeper cup
  • TR16E4: Bach 1-1/2C rim, very deep cup
  • TR17B4: Bach 1-1/4C
  • TR17C4: Bach 1C
  • TR17D4: Bach 1C, deeper cup
  • TR18C4: Bach 1
  • TR5A4: Bob Reeves OES 69
  • TR6A4a: Schilke 6A4a
  • TR7A4: Purviance 4 (4*D4)
  • TR7B4: Schilke 7B4
  • TR8C4: Bach 10-1/2C, Giardinelli 10C
  • TR9C4: Bach 7C with smaller rim diameter

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