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Click here to buy Dean Markley 8801 Misfits Skullbusters Bass Guitar Strings by Dean Markley.
Dean Markley
Features: 8.41
Quality: 8.53
Value: 8.82
Overall: 8.76
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At on December 03, 2010.

For a hell of a good sound, try Misfits Skullbusters.

Gauges: 46-66-86-106.

"We've survived 25 years now," Jerry Only reflects. "Maybe 50 years from now, people will still be playing our albums . . . because we don't water down what we do. Our goal is to keep perspective on who we are and where we're going.

"When we started playing out again, we were surprised to see how many fans both young and old, still go nuts for the Misfits. It shows that we have a very strong following and we can still stay true to ourselves and grow as a band.

"My weapon of choice is a custom Misfits Devastator Bass, strung with the crunchiest strands of steel ever produced - Markley's. I designed and built my bass personally and it's no mistake that there are no volume or tone controls. You can't shut it off. I keep it hot-wired, up all the way - all the time. That's my sound. Loud! When I'm there, you'll know it.

"When it comes to Strings, we use only the best . . . and that's Dean Markley strings! Dean feels the same way about his strings as we do about our music . . . make the very best you can make and people will always come back for more."

Order the official Misfits strings today!

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