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A quantum leap in Live performance!

The Ableton Live 6 version 6 extends each aspect of Live—from creation to production to performance—while bringing countless improvements to existing features. From multicore and multiprocessor support to movie import, device Racks, and an astounding sample collection, Live 6 offers a powerfully expanded palette for your creativity.

The Essential Instrument Collection
Version 6 ships with a multi-gigabyte library of meticulously sampled and selected virtual instruments from the SONiVOX (formerly Sonic Implants) premium collections. The Essential Instrument Collection provides a choice selection of acoustic and electric pianos, orchestral strings, brass, woodwinds, plucked strings, and mallets. Using Ableton's Simpler instrument, which is included with Live 6 creation software, the Essential Instrument Collection is ready to play right out of the box.

Deep Freeze
The new Deep Freeze feature keeps most editing functions available while a track is frozen.

Multicore and Multiprocessor Support
Today's new Macs, and many new PCs, have processors with multiple "cores," providing, in effect, several processors in one chip. In addition, some machines, including older PowerPC Macs and PCs, have multiple processors. Live 6's audio engine takes advantage of these architectures by distributing the computation load from virtual instruments and effects among the multiple cores/processors, resulting in faster, more responsive performance and easier handling of large projects.

Instrument and Effect Racks
A Rack recalls a custom grouping of instruments, effects and plug-ins along with a simplified set of controls for tweaking the sound. The controls allow you to expressively play the Rack without having to deal with its technical intricacies. Within a Rack, you can have parallel device chains, VST/AU plug-ins and even other Racks. Preserve that carefully crafted crunchy guitar effects chain, complex instrument layers and splits, or your favorite arrangement of EQ and compression settings for mastering. Drag and drop to and from the Browser to save and recall your custom Racks.

Project Management Tools
Comprehensive new project management tools help with organization, archiving and transfer of your projects. Live 6 introduces project folders, which let you conveniently organize collections of Live Sets, Live Clips, Racks, presets, and the samples and movie files they are using.

Movie Import
Movie import is one of the most frequently requested features—particularly by film and commercial composers. Live 6's new drag-and-drop movie import makes it easier than ever to improvise, compose and warp music to picture. Use Ableton Live's spontaneous workflow to launch sound effects on the fly, align musical cues using warp markers and much more.

New and Improved Devices

EQ Eight, is a significant upgrade toward a fully featured studio EQ. Not only does it offer up to twice as many independent filter bands, but it also features individual control of left and right channels as well as a mid/side mode for subtle-to-drastic color manipulations of the stereo field, a feature often used by mastering engineers to give productions depth and space.

Dynamic Tube emulates the classic warm distortion sound of vacuum tubes with its unique dynamic behavior, but it's also possible to push the tube characteristics to never-before-heard extremes.

Saturator has been improved with the addition of a true analog saturation curve, a user-definable waveshaper and an optional second output saturator stage. The second saturator stage ensures that the output level never exceeds 0 dB, even if the main saturator makes heavy use of pre/post equalization for dramatic effects using the color controls. For those in search of unique distortion sounds, the waveshaper allows you to create custom curves by adjusting six parameters of a complex mathematical function—a feature perfect for long journeys into sound.

Note Length quantizes the lengths of incoming MIDI notes. In addition, Note Length can be set to generate new notes when incoming notes are released, allowing for the sophisticated emulation of the release behavior of instruments like the piano or the harpsichord (or any synthetic instruments).

Operator has been augmented with a new set of 24 dB filter modes, simplifying the creation of analog subtractive sounds, as well as new FM algorithms for more flexibility in the digital domain, giving you more sonic possibilities than ever.

Version 6 also features important improvements with: MIDI Remote Mapping, Mixing/Recording/Routing, and File Handling.

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