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Dave Smith Instruments
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At on December 01, 2010.

A genuine analog synth with a modern vibe and new sounds.

Synth guru Dave Smith of Dave Smith Instruments designed the Evolver Analog Synthesizer to create entirely original sounds from the interaction of analog and digital electronics, especially with the extensive use of tunable feedback. When things get weird, the Evolver Synthesizer's analog circuitry keeps the signal in line just enough to make wild sounds instead of pain. And the feedback is constantly moving differently in each path, providing some very cool stereo ambiance to the sounds.

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Analog Synthesizer Features:

  • Monophonic sound
  • 2 analog and 2 digital oscillators
  • Sawtooth, triangle, saw-triangle, and pulse waveshapes
  • 96 wavetables for digital oscillators
  • 32 user-loadable wavetables via MIDI
  • Hard sync on the analog oscillators
  • FM and ring mod on the digital oscillators
  • Separate glide for each oscillator
  • Real voltage-controlled analog low-pass filters
  • One filter for left and one for right channel
  • Dual digital 4-pole high-pass filters
  • Stereo audio ins
  • Noise generator
  • Envelope follower and peak detect from external sources
  • 3 snappy ADSR envelopes
  • External input can be used to gate envelopes and/or step the sequencer
  • 4 LFOs (sync with sequencer and MIDI)
  • Dual (left and right channel) tunable feedback loops modulate frequency and amount
  • Delay with 3 taps, each with separate time and amount modulation
  • Syncs to sequencer/MIDI
  • Normal feedback and additional feedback path through analog filters
  • Distortion! Digital, one for each channel, can be placed before or after analog electronics
  • 3 banks of 128 programs for 384 total programs - dump to/from MIDI
  • 16 x 4 analog-style sequencer - syncs with MIDI
  • Audio-range modulation
  • Bipolar (+/-) modulation
  • Easy-to-program matrix-style front panel
  • 8 endless-turn rotary encoders
  • Internal computer and DSP chips can be reprogrammed via MIDI
  • 10-3/4"W x 1-1/2"H x 6"D

Start with incredible building blocks and you can't help but build incredible sounds. Order today and be amazed.

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