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Devi Ever
Features: 10.00
Quality: 9.50
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Overall: 10.00
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At on December 01, 2010.

A crazy stompbox with dual mode fuzz, touch sensitive tremolo, and chaos functions.

The Devi Ever Rocket Fuzz guitar effects pedal has a pick-sensitive dynamic tremolo mode. Sure The Rocket Fuzz pedal is a little crazy, and to many a bit intimidating, but since when has anything fun been safe? Beyond that, the Devi Ever Rocket Fuzz has dual fuzz capabilities that will have you weeping for not having owned this pedal sooner. The Devi Ever Rocket Fuzz stirs up unparalleled chaos. Operates on a 9-volt battery or optional power supply (sold separately).

Devi Ever Rocket Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

  • True bypass
  • Boutique quality components
  • Incredibly low mA draw
  • Silicon transistor based
  • Enclosure size : 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.18"
  • 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack
  • 9 volt
  • Battery snap inside (unscrew the back plate)

    *Graphics or knobs may vary

  • Volume knob: tons of gain on tap
  • Intensity knob: first mode fuzz texture and gain
  • More fuzz foot switch: engages more fuzz and right two knobs and flip switches Gain knob: controls amount of more fuzz going into main fuzz, controls tremolo dpeed when tremolo switch is engaged
  • Power knob: controls amount of guitar signal entering into the pedal, controls tremolo speed when tremolo switch is engaged
  • Left flip switch: engages tremolo mode
  • Right flip switch: engages noise oscillation or alternate tremolo sound if left tremolo flip switch is engaged

Get crazy tones today!

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