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At on December 01, 2010.

Dynasty Marching Tom Outfits

New Drum Shells
These tenor outfits now include new 8 ply thin-ply maple shells, and are supported by new aluminum support rings. This makes the drums lighter and darkens the voice of the drums. The sound quality is superior.

Endurite Hardware
The casings on the shells are made of Endurite, a high strength aluminum alloy, and are so durable, they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. These casings are lighter, and help reduce the weight of the outfit even more.

New Tenor Cradle
The new design of the Dynasty Tenor Cradle holds the toms "rock solid" and will not allow the drums to change position or angle. The toms are held on the cradle by the tension casings (the strongest part of these drums) creating a rims-like holder that is durable and enhances the drums. The drums will always be perfectly flat and in line.

No Assembly Required
The new Tenor Cradle allows the Tenor Outfit to be shipped pre assembled from the factory. There will be no assembly, drilling or alterations necessary...right out of the box you play!

Drum Shell Finishes
Drums are finished with a superior quality laminate similar to countertop laminates. Four standard colors are white, black, red and blue. Over 300 additional finishes are available for a small extra charge. Please call for specifications and information on custom laminate finishes.

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Dynasty Marching Tom Sets Specifications:

  • Add any Dynasty Tenor Carrier: Drums include the cradle. Select the new V Bar carrier, vest carrier or mini vest carrier to complete your outfit.
  • Best Hardware: Tension Casings are made of Endurite, a new futuristic aluminum alloy, so durable it has a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • Custom Finishes: In addition to the standard finishes, for a small charge, over 300 custom finishes may be selected. Please call for information and specifications to order.
  • Lighter Weight: The combination of Endurite hardware, strong thin shells, and the new shell support rings, these drums are now the lightest tenor outfits on the market.
  • New Drum Shells: New 8-ply thin-ply maple shells are stronger, and produce a darker, warmer voice. These new shells bring a new voice to the field.
  • New Shell Support Rings: Supporting the new shells, a durable aluminum shell ring is included to keep the shell round under extreme tensions.
  • New Tenor Cradle: Using the Endurite casings, the strongest part of the drum, the Cradle holds the drum outfit flat, and sturdy. The drums will never move or twist on the carrier.
  • Standard Finishes: Standard finishes are red, black, blue and white. These are the most durable laminate finishes on the market and will stand up to sun and heat and resist damage.

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