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Click here to buy Fryette Deliverance One Twenty D120H 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head by Fryette.

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A single channel tube amp that dynamically responds to your technique the way a great guitar amp should.

The Fryette Deliverance D120H is a "take no prisoners" tube amplifier, big on instant gratification and old school spank. Its signature roar & low end thump is awe inspiring, yet the Deliverance's clean voicing is as moving as any you will come across, demonstrating the impressive versatility of its single expressive channel.

The KT88 power amp section on this guitar amp head is designed for big round tone and dynamic response at low to medium guitar volumes, morphing into rich, thick saturation at full guitar volume with brilliant, cello-like harmonic overtones.

The tube-driven heads from the Deliverance Series beautifully accentuate the inherent qualities of any instrument. They breathe and dynamically respond to your playing technique exactly the way a great guitar amplifier should. And as stomp boxes have gained more widespread appeal, you will find Fryette Deliverance amps to be pedal friendly and ultra-responsive to the many colors pedal effects produce.

The Fryette Deliverance head's preamp section has a broad dynamic range, which accounts for its extra touch-sensitivity and excellent guitar volume response. In addition, clean and overdriven voicing's can easily be dialed up using the unique GAIN I / GAIN II structure, tone controls, presence and depth. From there, just a little tweaking on your guitar volume and tone controls will yield a surprising amount of control.

Fryette Deliverance One Twenty D120H 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head Features:

  • Dual gain controls
  • MORE/LESS selectable gain switch
  • Interactive tone controls
  • Presence and Depth controls
  • 3-way impedance selector
  • Precision-wound custom transformers

    Front panel
  • Input
  • Gain I
  • Gain II
  • More/Less Switch
  • Master Volume
  • Treble
  • Middle Bass
  • Presence and Depth

    Rear panel
  • Ground Switch
  • AC Input
  • Mains Fuse
  • DC Fuse
  • Dual Parallel Speaker Output Jacks Impedance Selector

Get an amp that lives and breathes like you do.

Fryette Deliverance One Twenty D120H 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head Specifications:

  • Power output
  • 120 Watts RMS

  • 4, 8 or 16 ohms
  • Two parallel output jacks.

    Tube Complement
  • 1-12AX7A Tung-Sol (Russia)
  • 3-12AX7AC (China Selected)
  • 1-12AT7C (China Selected)
  • 4-Premium Matched Sovtek KT88 Power Tubes

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Slipcover

    Recommended cabinet:
  • Deliverance D412-P50E

    Actual Dimensions (W x H x D): 29.25" X 9.5" X 10.5" (74 X 24 X 27 mm)
  • Actual Weight: 46 Lb. (21 kg)

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