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Click here to buy Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead G100UL/EQ 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head by Fryette.

Availability: Expected: 12-01-2010.
List Price: $4529.00
Discount: 24%
Our Price: $3449.00
At on December 01, 2010.

A top choice of world-class players, this all tube, three channel, 120-watt head has stunning clarity and definition.

The Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead G100UL/EQ is a powerful, yet extremely versatile all-tube, 3 channel, 120-watt guitar amp head with an uncompromising personality. The Ultra-Lead's KT88 power section provides stunning clarity and definition whether playing clean or at maximum gain. The low and medium gain sounds are balanced and spacious, while the clean tones can be pristine, chunky, crisp or edgy. The wide range of sounds is limited only by your imagination.

The Pittbull Ultra-Lead tube amp head, paired with the FatBottom Straight 412 cabinet (sold separately), delivers ground shaking thump and blow-your-hair-back low-end projection. This is a seriously expressive combination, specifically designed for players who seek unbridled dedication to guitar mastery.

Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead G100UL/EQ 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head Features:

  • Three channels: LEAD, RHYTHM & CLEAN
  • Gain Stacking
  • Six-Band Graphic EQ
  • Series/Parallel Effects Loop
  • Power Amp Mute
  • Half Power Mode
  • Dual-Class Mode
  • Variable Line Out
  • Presence
  • Depth

    Front panel
  • Input HI/LO
  • Edge
  • Lead Channel: Lead Gain, Lead Switch, Hi Gain Switch, Lead Volume
  • Rhythm Channel: Rhythm Boost, Rhythm Gain, Rhythm Switch, Hi Gain Switch, Rhythm Volume, Edge, Treble, Shift, Middle, Bass
  • Clean Channel: Clean Volume, Boost, Treble, Bright, Middle, Shift, Bass
  • EQ
  • Master Volume
  • Standby, Power

    Rear panel
  • Ground Switch
  • AC Input
  • Mains Fuse
  • DC Fuse
  • Power Amp Mute Switch
  • Dual-Class Switch
  • Impedance Selector
  • Speaker Output Jacks
  • Line Out Level
  • Line out
  • Footswitch Jack
  • EQ Switch
  • Loop Switch
  • Loop Return Jack
  • Series Parallel Switch
  • Loop Level Switch
  • Loop Send Jack
  • Loop Level/Mix
  • Presence
  • Depth

Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead G100UL/EQ 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head Includes:

  • footswitch

Get an amp for those unafraid to take center stage! Order yours today.

Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead G100UL/EQ 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head Specifications:

  • Power output
  • 120 Watts RMS

  • 4, 8 or 16 ohms
  • Two parallel output jacks

    Tube Complement
  • 1-12AX7WB Sovek (Russia Selected)
  • 4-12AX7AC (China Selected)
  • 1-12AT7 (China Selected)
  • 4-Premium Matched Sovtek KT88 Power Tubes

  • FC-2 Footswitch (included)

    Recommended cabinet: FatBottom for maximum projection, exceptional low-end definition and focused sound

  • Actual Dimensions (W x H x D): 29.25" X 9.5" X 10.5" (74 X 24 X 27 mm)
  • Actual Weight: 50 Lb. (23 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 34" X 15" X 18" (86 X 38 X 45 mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 55 Lb. (25 kg)

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