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At on December 01, 2010.

Astonishing vibrato crash.

Liquicy 22" "vibrato" cymbals signify an innovative step in cymbal making. Hammerax's patent-pending technology creates a constantly phase-shifting vibrato in which tones are always moving and sweeping. A wild yet smooth effect. Crash the Liquicy's edge or ride the sweet spot with light sticks.

The flexing of the Liquicy cymbal actually adds shock resistance, so they are quite unlikely to crack. A major cause of keyholing and center cracking (besides the obvious lack of proper sleeves) is an over-worked and sharply punched hole. Hammerax borrows techniques from the aircraft industry and treats holes with great care—polishing holes to a rounded mirror finish—hence preventing the small micro-cracks from which most big cracks grow. This new alloy is also unusually strong and crack resistant. Your Hammerax Liquicy cymbal should last a very long time, even if you play them quite hard.

However, it is not recommended to over-bend a Liquicy cymbal. The subsonic vibrato is "tuned" to a perfect frequency to create the wave. Bending your Liquicy cymbal wildly to show off the flex could hurt the sound.

Hammerax Liquicy Cymbal Features:

  • Hitting the edge with sticks makes eerie fluttering crashes with liquid flanging and vibrato effects
  • Super complex, dark tones
  • Mounting upside-down speeds up the vibrato/phasing speed
  • The flange wave of Liquicy constantly shifts the sound so no single tone ever creates a peak, resulting in a wild, yet smooth effect
  • Hand and mallet hits are equally effective
  • Size: 22"

For a more fluid undertone and ear-catching vibrato effect, order this tough and interesting cymbal.

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