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Click here to buy Jacques MR2 Mercer Box Concept Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal by Jacques.
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Overall: 6.00
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At on December 01, 2010.

Blends perfect fuzz and raging Plexi 100-watt tone!

The Mercer Box Concept Distortion Pedal takes all of Jacques' 30-plus year's knowledge of distortion tone and puts it at your fingertips through its outstanding controls. Jacques' latest creation/sensation is based on his highly sought-after hand-built Mercer, with added controls and a few new twists. The MR2 pedal features the widest tonal range ever achieved in a stomp box - from clean boost to the highest gain - and performs the best clean-up of all time. The MR2 will change your perception of guitar tone forever.

The MR2 features high-tech construction combined with hand-built tone for the best of both worlds. Using discrete components for tone and high-tech components for non-tone, Jacques has merged his best handmade designs into a coherent electronic device.

Key to the Mercer's extensive operating ranges is its uniquely named controls. HATE introduces an immense low range, while lack of LOVE takes off the harmonics and gain. BLOOD brings intense life and FUZZ brings in distortion with no limits. Level acts much like a guitar volume, allowing users to "clean-up" the sound as they roll it off. All these controls are highly interactive and different combinations will yield vastly different results.

At ease with single-coil pickups or humbuckers, the Mercer lets loose a world of excess, bringing your amp to new frontiers beyond any description. And the extraordinary feature of the Mercer is that you can decrease this huge distortion tone gradually down to clean, simply using your guitar volume knob. In the past, numerous attempts to morph distortion in real time have failed, but here and now you get a fully effective remote distortion controller for free. Little-finger maestro guitarists a la Steve Morse will find this just one more reason to own a Mercer Box 2.

One of the rare high-gain distortion pedals to offer a brilliant clean tone, the MB2 is stronger, warmer, and richer when engaged than when bypassed. Very reminiscent of the best tube amps, the MB2 clean tone is so addictive you could leave it on all the time, or buy a second Mercer Box just for distortion!

Jacques MR2 Mercer Box Concept Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

  • Extremely wide tonal range from clean boost to the highest gain
  • Uniquely named controls include:
  • Hate - immense low range
  • Love - takes off the harmonics and gain
  • Blood - brings intense life
  • Fuzz - distortion
  • Level acts like a guitar volume, allowing users to "clean up" the sound as they roll it off
  • All controls are interactive

Order this unique distortion advice today and take your tone to the stratosphere!

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