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Korg Synth sounds, effects, and sampling without a keyboard!

The Korg KAOSSILATOR and KP3 Bundle includes the KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer, KP3 KAOSS Pad Dynamic Effect/Sampler, and a 10' RCA-RCA Dual Patch Cable.

KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer
The KAOSSILATOR is a pocket-sized musical instrument that puts a KAOSS touchpad interface on 100 of Korg's world renowned synth sounds and innovative performance features! You can instantly play musical phrases simply by tapping or sliding your finger across the KAOSSILATOR's touchpad-no previous skills required!

The KAOSSILATOR liberates synthesizer sounds from the keyboard. It gives keyboardists, guitarists, and DJs a convenient way to add fresh new elements to band performances or to DJ sets. Even untrained music enthusiasts can enjoy an entirely new level of musical involvement and expression.

Thanks to its ultra-compact size, battery operation and hooks for attaching a strap, the KAOSSILATOR makes it easy for you to start creating music whenever and wherever inspiration strikes you.

Packed with powerful synth sounds, sound effects, and drum sounds>
KAOSSILATOR comes packed with one hundred powerful sound programs that combine Korg's legendary modeling synthesizer engine with the effects from the KAOSS PAD series, perfect for any musical genre. The horizontal axis is assigned to note/pitch, while the vertical axis is assigned to parameters such as: cutoff, feedback, or modulation depth, giving you a wide range of performance possibilities. In addition to classic synthesizer sounds like leads, basses and sound effects, there are sounds that faithfully simulate piano, guitar, and trumpet as well as looped and one-shot drum sounds, making the KAOSSILATOR a never-ending source of inspiration to stimulate your creativity.

Scale/key setting lets you produce perfect phrases
The KAOSSILATOR has a scale function that makes it simple to produce accurate pitches that match any musical context. You can choose from 31 different scales, including chromatic, diminished, as well as major and minor blues and pentatonic scales. The scale function can be used in conjunction with the key setting function, allowing you to perform in any key. Unusual scales such as Spanish, Ryukyu, and Raga are also provided, letting you create distinctive phrases with an exotic flavor.

Gate Arpeggiator expands your performance possibilities
The Gate Arpeggiator lets you produce specific patterns of notes in sync with the user specified tempo, greatly expanding your performance options. Simply choose one of the fifty patterns to specify the timing of the notes, and you'll be creating phrases that you've never dreamed of in a flash.

Loop Recording accelerates your creative power>
Loop Recording allows you to record a phrase with a specified number of beats (maximum 8 beats = 2 measures), and play it back endlessly. For example you can record a phrase using a synth-lead sound, and then layer (overdub) bass or drum sounds onto it. You can build up layers of cool phrases by simply repeating this cycle of selecting, playing, and recording sounds. Building a groove was never so easy!

KP3 KAOSS Pad Dynamic Effect/Sampler
The Korg KP3 lets you use and abuse realtime effects and sampling by touching, tapping, and sliding your fingers on the revolutionary KAOSS pad. The combination screen/touchpad interface and KAOSS technology make it intuitive, immediate, and just plain fun to use. It's a complete instrument and processor allowing you to manage, recall, and play back samples; sample on the fly; and add dynamic processing to any audio signal or to the samples themselves.

Korg has given the KP3 exclusive effects algorithms, synth sounds derived from Korg's RADIAS engine, better sampling, and computer connectivity. It comes with 128 programs in filter (16), EQ (2), modulation (12), compressor (2), LFO (25), delay (16), reverb (6), grain shifter (5), looper (13), sample effect (7), sample bank crossfade (4), drums (6), synthesizer (10), and vocoder (4) categories. A new pad lighting system places 64 individual LEDs in an eight by eight grid under the pad, providing visual cues as to the current program, held position, etc.—it can even scroll a custom message across the pad!

Killer Effects come to Life
The KP3 comes equipped with 128 great-sounding effect programs. Sure, the traditional essential effects are there—delays, flangers, etc.—and they sound amazing. But using newly developed algorithms, the KP3 also provides fresh, exciting effects such as a grain shifter, decimator, a vintage analog style filter with a tone-bending drive circuit, and expanded EQs that are controlled directly from the pad. And moving beyond effects, there are also drum grooves and even RADIAS-inspired vocoder and synthesizer sounds that can be played free-form on the X/Y pad.

As you move your finger across the touchpad and find that "sweet spot," pressing the Hold button will lock the settings, so you can take your hand away to do other things. The LED grid on the touchpad will show the held location, so you can pick up where you left off without any "jumps". Better yet, Pad Motion can memorize and repeat a fluid or complex gesture played on the pad. Once again, the new pad lighting system enhancements can actually display the Pad Motion pattern as it plays.

A separate FX Depth knob sets the overall balance between the original signal and the effect, so you can add just the right amount of processing. The eight Program Memory buttons allow you to store all of this information — Program Number, Hold button On/Off status (and coordinates), Pad Motion, and the FX depth setting — to a single button for instant access during performance.

Another new innovation in the KP3 is called FX Release. Basically, FX Release adds an adjustable delay tail when you remove your finger from the pad. In addition to being a creative performance tool, FX Release also prevents the abrupt dropping out of the effect as you transition from one setting to another, providing a smoother and more musical performance. The FX Release delay effect is automatically set to the current tempo — whether manual, MIDI, auto BPM or Tap Tempo — and the amount of the FX Release and can be set and saved individually with each program.

Superior Sampling
Four Sample Bank buttons on the front panel allow you to create, play and save both looped and one-shot samples on the fly. All samples are recorded using high resolution 24-bit converters, and are stored in 16-bit/48 kHz format. Samples can be saved on a Secure Digital (SD) card or transferred to computer via USB. With both mic and line inputs, the KP3 allows you to sample from a wide variety of sources.

The KP3's sampling system thinks and speaks in the language of music, hiding incredible technology below the surface. When creating loop samples, for example, sample length is set in terms of beats, not seconds. You can generally set the sample length up to 16 beats long (extremely slow tempos capture fewer beats). When sampling is finished, the sample will immediately start playing in sync with the sample source. As the sample plays you can adjust the start time of the sample to "fine-tune" it to the original tempo, or to dial-in time shifted playback.

Time-Slicing chops a sample into separate parts. You can use the Program Memory buttons to turn these individual slices on or off in real time, creating new rhythmic patterns from the original sample as part of your performance. Sampling and effects are totally integrated in the KP3, so you can sample through the effects, and even resample the entire output to create powerful, multi element samples.

Stay in Synch
Tempo is an integral element of the KP3. Sampling times are set in terms of tempo, and many effects are also tempo-based. All tempo-related functions are accurate to .1 (one-tenth) of a BPM for more precise matching to external devices. To keep everything sync'd up, the KP3 features auto-BPM detection from the audio input; Tap-Tempo entry, as well as a manual tempo setting. The KP3 can also send and receive tempo information via MIDI clock. This extra versatility allows the KP3 to detect BPM info from a turntable, and in turn provide MIDI clock to other devices down the line, keeping everything moving together.

Take Control
The KP3 is also a MIDI controller, sending out three controller numbers from the touchpad, and additional messages from the slider. The Sample Bank buttons send and receive note messages. Program Change commands and clock information can also be sent or received. The inclusion of MIDI IN and OUT allows even the most daring and complex KP3 moves to be recorded and played back by an external sequencer or software sequencing program.

Part of the Team
A single USB connection allows the KP3 to share sample data with a computer. An editor/ librarian program is included so you can build libraries of samples, and edit them using your computer. The software also allows WAV and AIFF files to be loaded into the KP3, and includes pitch correction for samples not created at 48 kHz. This graphic software is valuable not only for editing samples, but also for creating, editing and saving programs and global data. The stereo inputs and outputs can be set so the KP3 can run in-line to an amplification system, or hooked to the effect loop jacks of an audio mixer.

RCA-RCA Dual Patch Cable
Standard nickel-plated RCA male to RCA male. Superior wiring allows your signal to be quiet, eliminating frustrating hums, buzzing, and crackles. Flexible design eliminates kinks and twists for a tangle-free performance whether you're in the studio or on the stage. Live Wire cables have the strength and durability to withstand more than everyday use.

Korg KAOSSILATOR and KP3 Bundle Features:

  • KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer
  • A portable synthesizer delivering maximum flexibility in an ultra-compact body, with battery operation that allows you to jam anywhere
  • Synth, sound-effects, and drum sounds, for a total of 100 powerful sound programs
  • 31 scale patterns let you easily play a wide variety of "always perfect" phrases
  • 50 types of gate arpeggiation help you perform complex rhythmic patterns
  • Loop Recording allows multiple phrase overdubbing to create complete grooves

    KP3 KAOSS Pad Dynamic Effect/Sampler
  • Realtime effects processing and sampling
  • Exclusive effects algorithms
  • RADIAS synth engine sounds
  • Improved sampling
  • Touchpad KAOSS interface
  • Pad lighting system
  • USB computer connectivity

  • Filter (Low-pass/High-pass/Band-pass/72dB/octave
  • and Low-pass)
  • Isolator and Distortion
  • Talk-Filter
  • Flanger
  • 8-band EQ
  • Mid Pitch Shifter
  • Broken Modulation
  • Phaser
  • Ring Modulator & High-pass Filter
  • Decimator
  • Low Compressor
  • Auto-Pan
  • Slicer
  • Delay (Ping-Pong, Multi-tap, Reverse & High-pass Filter)
  • Tape Echo
  • Reverb
  • Gate Reverb
  • Grain Shifter
  • Vinyl Looper
  • Looper Forward/Reverse
  • Four-Sample-Bank Cross Fader Roll
  • Pad Drum 1/2
  • Unison Saw Bass
  • Noise Synthesizer & Looper
  • Vocoder
  • Vocoder M7

Order today and learn to love KAOSS!

Korg KAOSSILATOR and KP3 Bundle Specifications:

  • KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer
  • Programs: 100
  • Program Categories: "NOTE" Sound = LEAD: 20, ACOUSTIC: 10, BASS: 20, CHORD: 10 "SE" Sound = SE: 20 "DRUM" Sound = DRUM: 10, DRUM PATTERN: 10
  • Musical Scale Patterns: 31
  • Key Range: ±12
  • Types of Gate Arpeggiator: 50
  • Connectors: LINE OUT jacks (RCA phono jacks), PHONES jack (Stereo mini phone jacks)
  • Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
  • DA Conversion: 24-bit Linear
  • Power Supply: four alkaline AA (LR6) batteries (6 V)
  • Battery Life: approximately five hours (with alkaline batteries)
  • Included Items: Owner's Manual, parameter sheet, four AA "test" batteries
  • Dimensions( W x D x H): 4.17" x 5.08" x 1.14" (106 x 129 x 29 mm)
  • Weight (without batteries): 5.43 oz. (154 g)
  • Options: DC4.5V AC adapter (Sold Separately)

    KP3 KAOSS Pad Dynamic Effect/Sampler
  • Sample Memory: 100 samples (maximum)
  • Sampling: 16-bit/48kHz
  • Convertors: 24-bit A/D/A
  • Mic (1/4") input with trim knob
  • Line In L,R (RCA)
  • Headphone (1/4" Stereo) out with volume
  • Line Out L,R (RCA)
  • USB: Type B
  • Data Storage: SD Card
  • Power Supply: DC 12V; 700mA
  • Dimensions: 8.27" x 8.9" x 1.93" (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 2.87 lbs
  • Accessories: CD-ROM (Editor/Librarian), power supply, touchpad protective sheet

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