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Click here to buy Korg padKONTROL - MIDI Studio Controller by Korg.

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At on December 01, 2010.

A MIDI studio controller that accesses and assigns drum sounds and samples, controls soft synths and effects, triggers loops and video clips, and even acts as transport controls for DAW software programs.

The Korg padKONTROL has proven itself in studios as an innovative and popular MIDI controller. The solid, responsive pad feels great to the touch and inspires confidence when performing. The unique X-Y touchpad gives new levels of expression and the pad lights are supremely cool. Plus, enjoy the Korg padKONTROL's after-hours, black-out finish.

In addition to accessing drum sounds and samples, the Korg padKONTROL can also control soft synths and effects, trigger loops and video clips, and even act as transport contros for DAW (digital audio workstation) software programs. The Korg padKONTROL provides evocative control because it combines an assignable X-Y touchpad for natural-sounding flams and rolls; 16 illuminated trigger pads; assignable knobs; and a footpedal input.

Beat it: The Korg padKONTROL is ideal for creating natural, organic sounding drumbeats. Each of the 16 pads can be individually assigned a note number and a MIDI channel so that you can control a single drum kit. Or map the Korg padKONTROL to control separate devices in your setup at the same time. Eight different dynamic curves are available for each pad, or you can set each pad to its own fixed level. This allows you to set up certain instruments to feel as you would like them to, and others to always play the perfect velocity no matter how you strike the pad. You can also set up multiple pads to play the same drum but at different fixed velocities, giving you varied but predictable performance every time.

No matter how you set them up, you'll appreciate the great feel of the pads. They respond well no matter where you strike them, not just in the center like many lesser systems. So you can play the pads freely with both hands, hit the edges or the center, and still get responsive, musical results every time.

The X-Y pad adds real-time control of both flam and roll timing and dynamics. Moving from left to right increases the speed of the roll, or the distance between the "flammed" notes. Moving up increases the volume of the roll, or the second note in the flam. This is a highly expressive and intuitive way to produce these natural drum techniques. With an optional footswitch (sold separately), you can even add real "kick" drum parts, or close an open hi-hat.

Kontrol it: Drums are just the beginning. A MIDI message can be assigned to each pad, and they can be set for momentary or toggle operation. In addition to sending a value as the pad is touched, a specific value can be sent as the pad is released, so they can be used like buttons or switches to control any function on your soft synths and DAWs.

Based on Korg's renowned KAOSS technology, the X-Y pad can be assigned to control any two continuous controllers in real-time. For example, you might set the X axis to control pitch bend on a synth while the Y axis controls reverb depth. Or, set them to control filter cutoff and resonance or multiple delay parameters for evocative and expressive performances and countless mixing possibilities.

Two assignable knobs provide continuous control of two other MIDI parameters. You can easily invert the values sent from any of these controllers so you can quickly adjust them to your needs. Even the footswitch input can be set as a momentary or toggle switch for any parameter. Like the X-Y and trigger pads, the pedal also can send a specific release value.

See it: Whenever you strike a pad or move a controller, the built-in display shows what message or value is being sent, giving you accurate confirmation about what you're doing. The pads have a striking visual behavior, which will move you to groove along visually with your playing. Pads assigned to notes light up when struck and then shut off. Pads assigned to CC messages stay lit to show their status. Three variations of the illumination mode cause the trigger pads to light up in unique patterns. Two begin when a trigger pad is struck, and a third starts automatically when the padKONTROL sits idle for a few minutes. The great feeling of the trigger pads and the illumination mode work together synergistically to catapult your performance to a higher intensity level than before.

Manage it: Thankfully, once you have all the controllers set the way you like, you can save the entire set of assignments as a User Scene. Sixteen User Scenes are available in the padKONTROL itself, and they can be selected quickly using the pads. In addition, thirty preset scenes are included, designed to instantly match the padKONTROL to some of the most popular music software programs.

The Korg padKONTROL also comes with free Editor/Librarian software for Windows XP and Mac OSX. Using the computer's graphic capabilities, the Editor/Librarian software makes it easy to create, store, and organize vast libraries of scenes and scene sets.

Korg padKONTROL - MIDI Studio Controller Features:

  • 16 great-feeling, illuminated trigger pads - each can control a different note or Continuous Controller message - control software instruments, effects, trigger loops, video clips, and more
  • Eight dynamic curves for each pad or individual fixed level, and each can switch from momentary to toggle
  • Built-in X-Y pad, based on Korg's KAOSS Pad, to control flam, roll, and much more
  • Really easy to use - every function is clearly marked and easy to find Bright LED display provides instant visual
  • feedback, such as the velocity level just played
  • Included editor/librarian software lets you tweak and customize from your computer
  • Includes Toontracks DFH Superior Korg Edition drum plug-in featuring over 260MB of drum samples, incorporating multiple velocities and mic positions
  • Two assignable knobs can control delay, panning, or any other MIDI-controller function
  • Footswitch jack gives you more options for note entry and control
  • 16 Scene locations can hold your own settings, or you can load any of the 30 presets
  • USB provides bus power, and can be used as an external MIDI interface Illuminated pads/buttons and clean, cool styling adds a professional pouch to any studio

Have an entire MIDI studio controller and drum machine at your fingertips when you buy the padKONTROL today.

Korg padKONTROL - MIDI Studio Controller Specifications:

  • Controllers:
  • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with LED illumination;
  • X-Y pad; two assignable knobs; assignable pedal jack (requires a separately-sold DS-1H or PS-1)
  • Display:
  • 7-segment, 3-digit LED
  • Memory:
  • 16 user scene memories;
  • 30 preloaded scene templates
  • Connectors: Pedal;
  • MIDI In/Out; USB (type B);
  • power supply jack (DC9V)
  • Power Supply:
  • DC9V;
  • AC adapter (optional);
  • USB bus power (when using the USB connector)
  • Current Consumption: When using USB bus power: approximately 150 mA (maximum 180 mA);
  • when using an AC adapter: approximately 150 mA (maximum 180 mA)
  • Dimensions: 2.17" H x 12.36" W x 9.21" D
  • Weight:
  • 2.12 lb.
  • System requirements for windows operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition; Professional; x64 Edition; Vista
  • Computer: computer with a USB port, satisfying the operating requirements of Windows XP/Vista (USB chipset made by the Intel Corporation is recommended)
  • (Driver software for Windows XP x64 Edition is beta-version)
  • Note for Editor Librarian: during the installation process, some alert dialogs may appear, as the installer is not fully compatible with Vista. They can be ignored.
  • System Requirements for Macintosh operating system: Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • Computer: Apple Macintosh computer with a USB port (USB C11) satisfying the operating requirements of Mac OS X, including Intel-based Macs
  • Included Items: USB cable;
  • CD-ROM containing padKONTROL Editor/Librarian software; software license agreement
  • padKONTROL options (sold separately): AC adapter;
  • DS-1H Damper Pedal;
  • PS-1 Pedal Switch
  • Note: Editor Librarian and dfh Korg Edition currently run fine under Rosetta

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