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Click here to buy MVP Fretboard Physics for Guitar DVD - Volumes 1-6 Complete by MVP.

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Volume 1
In Volume 1 of this series, Curt Mitchell teaches you about guitar tuning, strings, picks, strumming and picking open chords, bar chords, and power chords. Learn to play songs with interactive menus and chapter selections in digital DVD clarity.

Volume 2
In the second volume, Curt teaches fret hand techniques, picking techniques, the notes on the fretboard, playing patterns, visualizations, pentatonic scales, minior scales, major scales, expanded power chords, root note position, riffs, harmonics. Curt also demonstrates techniques such as vibrate, pull-offs, and hammer-ons.

Volume 3
In the third volume, you'll learn music theory including intervals, scale formulas, the circle of fifths, triad formulas, seventh chords, and harmonizing.

Volume 4
In the fourth volume, Curt teaches power chords and alternate power chord voicings, suspended chords and chords voiced for clean tones, song analysis, song structure, modulation techniques, song writing. He also demonstrates a full song written with the techniques presented on this DVD.

Volume 5
In the fifth volume, you'll learn about tone adjustments, picking techniques, vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs, how to increase speed, root positions, and modes and scales.

Volume 6
In the sixth and final volume of this series, Curt teaches attitude, phrasing, trading solos. It includes fun practice tracks and three full songs to work with.

MVP Fretboard Physics for Guitar DVD - Volumes 1-6 Complete Features:

  • Running times:
  • Volume 1: 55 minutes
  • Volume 2: 140 minutes
  • Volume 3: 60 minutes
  • Volume 4: 70 minutes
  • Volume 5: 70 minutes
  • Volume 6: 55 minutes

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