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Click here to buy Peterson V-SAM Virtual Strobe Tuner/Metronome by Peterson.
Features: 9.00
Quality: 9.18
Value: 8.55
Overall: 8.73
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At on December 02, 2010.

Versatile and unerringly accurate.

The Peterson V-SAM Virtual Strobe Tuner/Metronome is a Virtual Strobe tuner, audio tone generator, and metronome in a compact format. Its tuner modes expand upon the V-SAM with an even wider variety of alternate temperaments including one that creates and stores custom temperaments. It automatically detects notes accurately to 1/1000th of a semitone. Its ultrawide 410 to 490Hz range for concert A reference makes it perfect for use with early instruments such as harpsichord, lute, recorder, and Baroque flute. The high-output tone generator within V-SAM offers an unprecedented 10 octaves of audible tones, adjustable in 0.1-cent increments. Its audio/visual metronome allows tap or dial-in tempo, adjustable beats per measure, beat subdivisions, and a stopwatch function.

Peterson V-SAM Virtual Strobe Tuner/Metronome Features:

  • Strobe tuner, tone generator, and metronome modes
  • Adjustable to all keys, tonal roots, and temperaments - a worldwide first
  • Savable settings such as temperament, key, metronome, and default settings
  • Concert A reference of 410 to 490Hz
  • Brighter, high-contrast display
  • Built-in speaker for 10-octave audio tuner and metronome
  • Metronome with tap tempo, adjustable subdivisions, and beats/measure as well as new intro feature
  • Accuracy to 1/10 cent (1/1000 semitone)
  • Smooth, instantaneous tuning response
  • Exclusive Virtual Strobe Technology
  • Quick-Touch rotary knob for fast, easy use
  • Automatic or manual note selection
  • Selectable historical temperaments including just
  • Exclusive "sweetened," tempered guitar tuning
  • Extended bass mode lets you tune down to 4Hz
  • Large note display with transposition to all chromatic keys
  • Adjustable concert A reference in 0.5Hz increments
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries or included 120VAC-to-3VDC adapter
  • Weighs under 1.2 lbs.
  • Built-in microphone for acoustic instruments
  • Rubber boot for better grip and added protection.
  • 2-way stand permits flat, angled, or vertical positioning
  • Automatic octave register adjustment - widest, most readable, strobe bands are automatically displayed for any octave while unusable bands are automatically blanked
  • Easy note display transposition - to any of 12 chromatic keys
  • Introduces a Fret Transposition Scale (FTS) for clearer key transposition with fretted instruments

A killer unit, a band director's dream machine. Order today.

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