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Click here to buy Rocktron Silver Dragon Tube Distortion Pedal by Rocktron.
Features: 8.81
Quality: 9.00
Value: 8.97
Overall: 8.94
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At on December 02, 2010.

Fizzy and buzzy sound is as solid state as you can get — Metalheads only!

The Rocktron Silver Dragon Tube Distortion Pedal combines the best of both worlds-tube and analog solid-state distortion! This dual-headed beast can deliver whatever distortion flavor you're wanting. For that tube sound you love, the Silver Dragon has a 12AX7. The Awaken switch rouses the tube for duty while Fire handles the initial distortion drive level of the 12AX7. When you kick in the solid-state side, called Slayer, you combine the tube distortion with solid state distortion to give you tons of gain with tight, punchy distortion, completely tweakable to your liking.

The Intensity control changes the character, sustain, and attack properties that together enhance articulation. The Breath control shapes the symmetry of the solid-state distortion affecting the feel of the distortion. Global controls include Shriek for handling treble frequencies, Roar for low-end control, and an output level control. Includes 13V AC adapter.

Rocktron Silver Dragon Tube Distortion Pedal Features:

  • Dual distortion (tube/solid state)
  • 12AX7 based
  • Control for initial distortion drive level
  • Combines tube with solid-state distortion
  • Intensity and Breath distortion controls
  • Global controls include Shriek (treble), Roar (bass), and an output level control
  • Utilizes a 13V AC adapter (included)

A dangerous beast of a pedal, ready to ravage any amplifier you hook it up to. Order today.

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