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At on December 02, 2010.

Use this 4-mic bar to record anything from stereo drumheads to a full choral ensemble.

The Sabra Som ST4 Four Mic Bar is a multi-microphone mount. It uses 4 sliding mic mounts on a longer 11" bar so you can mount up to four microphones onto one mic stand. Four mic mounts can be individually moved along the bar and the bar itself can be tilted left to right or used vertically.

For a really wide stereo panorama, use this bar to set 4 mics on one stand with two approximately 45 degrees right and left of center and the other two approximately 55 degrees right and left. Record all 4 channels separately. The result is a much wider stereo image than you'd get with just a pair.

About Sabra-Som
In our never-ending quest to bring you the best and most useful musical products and accessories, every once and again we come across pure gold. One such discovery is Sabra-Som, is a Brazilian company that makes a line of unique and exceptionally clever modular and adaptive mic stand accessories. Based around a hex-rod design, each piece can be custom fit for any situation you might run into at the studio. Sabra-Som pop-filters, shockmounts, and T-bars are easy to use and some of the most flexible you will find anywhere. With Sabra-Som's modular systems, you can mix and match to make your own special miking kits.

Sabra ST4 Four Mic Bar Features:

  • One 12" Hex Bar (outside mics can be up to 11" apart)
  • Four Threaded Towers
  • One Articulated Elbow Stand Mount

You never know what the next session is going to throw at you. Be prepared to mic anything with the Sabra-Som ST4! Order yours today!

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