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Zero G

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The world's only singer who listens.

Miriam is a virtual female vocalist modelled on the voice of Miriam Stockley that will allow you to create synthesized singing of unprecedented quality and realism. Miriam will sing any words you ask her to in English, be they beautiful lyrics or comical trivialities, Monteverdi madrigals, or manic chants. You enter notes, type in lyrics, and the vocal sample software renders the synthesized voice. Then add expression to taste, and render again.

You can customize: Changing syllables/phonemes (e.g. enter "liddle" instead of "little" etc) Timing of each note (precise position/length) Vibrato Volume Attack Crescendo or diminuendo Pitch bend (amount, and positionable in time) Glide (portamento) Resonance (Frequency/bandwidth/amplitude) Harmonics Noise Brightness Clearness Gender factor

Vocaloid Miriam includes the Vocaloid Editor, Vocaloid VST Instrument, and the Vocaloid Miriam Female Vocal Font.

About Miriam Stockley : British singer Miriam Stockley has an ideal voice upon which to model a Vocaloid virtual vocalist. Miriam has worked with: Tina Turner, Elton John, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Chaka Khan, David Bowie, Seal, Adiemus, and numerous others.

"Sonically, she's got ears like a bat" says vocal recording engineer Rod Houison. "She rolls out six part harmonies effortlessly. From a technical point of view she's in a class of her own." Being technically superb is only one side of Miriam. She also has a tremendously emotional delivery that can often send tingles down your spine, and is well known for her highly developed and unique vocal skills of multilayering vocal harmonies.

Miriam's extensive studio work brought her to the attention of Karl Jenkins who had heard about her unique vocal style, and this led to the highly successful ADIEMUS project, whereby Jenkins' compositions featuring Miriam's vocals were recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and released as Songs Of Sanctuary by ADIEMUS. The album was a huge international success and, together with the follow-ups Cantata Mundi, and Dances of Time has so far sold well in excess of 2 million copies worldwide. "Only You," a hit Miriam performed with the group Praise, charted number 2 in the UK. After completing the third Adiemus album Miriam expanded her musical audience by releasing solo albums on Virgin, which have become recognised as vocal masterpieces.

The Vocaloid Editor reads the Vocaloid libraries and features a vocal edit and synthesis environment, piano-roll note editor, easy-to use lyric editing, drag-and-drop musical expression assigning, synthesizing vocal tracks (not real-time), saving vocal data as wave files, handling for up to 16 vocal tracks, and standard MIDI file input/output.

Vocaloid VST/ReWire Instrument plays vocal MIDI tracks generated by the Vocaloid Editor.

The Vocaloid Miriam Vocal Library (virtual soul vocalist) includes a complete female voice in English, with professional singing quality that suits all soul and dance music styles, but also many other styles. There is a full coverage of phonemes with vibrato templates and expression templates as typically used in natural singing.

Vocaloid Miriam. Vocals without frontiers-the ultimate goal of synthesis.

Zero G Vocaloid Miriam Features:

  • Package includes: Vocaloid Editor, Vocaloid VST Instrument, Vocaloid Miriam Female Vocal Font

Order now and meet your new voice.

Zero G Vocaloid Miriam Specifications:

  • Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • Pentium III, 1 GHz or faster
  • 512MB of RAM or more
  • Approx 700MB Hard disk space or more
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
  • SVGA Display (1024x768)
  • Sound Card with Microsoft DirectSound Compatible driver
  • LAN/network card must be installed, or a USB network card must be connected to the USB port (SEE MORE INFO ABOUT LAN/NETWORK CARD REQUIREMENT, BELOW)

    Recommended System:
  • Windows XP
  • Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz or faster
  • IGB of RAM or more

    Supported Interfaces & Standards:
  • VST 2.0, ReWire, Windows MME

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