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At on December 03, 2010.

Dramatic-sounding accents.

This special ZBT Splash/China 2-Pack from Zildjian features a 10" ZBT Splash and 16" ZBT China Cymbal. The bright, intense, high-pitched sound of the ZBT series cymbals cuts through the mix of other instruments. Sheet origin and precision lathing techniques create high-volume projection that speaks quickly and brightly with a rapid decay. Since ZBT cymbals are pressed and lathed from sheets of uniform, high-quality bronze alloy, they are remarkably consistent. The highly polished, brilliant finish looks fresh. Excellent, clean stick articulation with controlled overtones. ZBT-Plus cymbals take Zildjian Bronze Technology up a notch with advanced hammering and lathing, and enhanced sound for versatility, musicality, and professional performance.

10" ZBT Splash Cymbal
The Zildjian ZBT Splash Cymbal is bright, fast, and cutting. Sound grooves and round hammer strikes in a simple circular pattern on the top surface of ZBT cymbals magnify the basic sound of the distinctive ZBT alloy.

16" ZBT China Cymbal
The sound grooves and round hammer strikes in a simple circular pattern on the top surface of the Zildjian ZBT China Cymbals magnify the percussion sounds of the distinctive ZBT alloy. The ZBT China is fast, bright, and trashy—deal for special accents and musical exclamation points. Bold and colorful with an explosive attack, fast decay, and plenty of volume to cut through the music, the Zildjian China cymbal is a superb all-purpose ride cymbal.

Zildjian ZBT Splash/China 2-Pack Features:

  • 10" ZBT Splash Cymbal
  • 16" ZBT China Cymbal
  • Each have brilliant finishes
  • Great for different drum sets and skill levels

Get this 2-pack and give your set a burst of bright, fast sound. Order today!

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