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Click here to buy Engl E840/50 Tube 2x50W Stereo Poweramp by Engl.

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At on December 02, 2010.

2 x 50-watt tube power amp with MIDI switching.

The Engl 840 is one very impressive 2 x 50 watt tube power amp. If you like the rich harmonic tone of 5881 power amp tubes, the 840/50 should be your first choice. It delivers a perfect match of attack & power to give your rack system the headroom that is needed.

In addition to first-class tube tone, the Engl 840 Poweramp offers a number of practical features. Each of the two stereo channels features two volume and two presence controls (A and B), so you can dial in individual volume and presence settings. The A/B controls are switchable via an external footswitch or through MIDI commands via a MIDI switcher. Intelligent design features, superior craftsmanship, and quality components are what the Engl 840 is all about.

Engl E840/50 Tube 2x50W Stereo Poweramp Features:

  • Two volume and two presence controls on each of two channels
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Quality components

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Engl E840/50 Tube 2x50W Stereo Poweramp Specifications:

  • Rated power: 2 x 50 watt
  • Outlet each channel: 8 and 16 ohm

    Input level poweramp
  • Gain (14) off: -5 dB max. 15 dB
  • Gain (14) on: -20 dB max. 0 dB

  • Input tube V1: ECC83/12AX7, selected
  • Phase shift tube V2, V3: ECC83/12AX7
  • Power tubes V4 to V7: 5881 (or 6L6GC), matched sets

  • AC Mains: 230V, 100 and 120V
  • External: 1,6 AM; 3,15 AM
  • Internal: 1,6 AT; 3,15 AT
  • Power Tube Fuses: 2 x 315 mAM

    Dimensions: 19", 2 rack spaces; depth: 300mm
  • Weight: approx. 12 kg

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