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Click here to buy Rocktron Velocity 300 150W Rack Power Amp by Rocktron.

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At on December 02, 2010.

It really can sound and feel just like a tube amp.

The Rocktron Velocity 300 Rack Power Amp was designed in a joint effort between Rocktron and integrated circuitry design engineer Derek Bowers. The Velocity 300 is the first commercially available amplifier to be based on current-feedback technology. This technology provides extremely high-speed, wide-bandwidth amplification. The bandwidth of the power amp section is considerably higher than typical amplifiers based on voltage feedback designs therefore providing much more punch and definition than previous designs have allowed for.

Another of the Rocktron Velocity 300 power amp's innovative features lies in the reactance simulation circuitry (controlled by the front panel "Reactance" control. At the minimum setting of the reactance control, the Velocity 300 will provide the added punch and improved transient response of the high-speed current-feedback design. As this control is turned up, the Velocity 300 will begin to simulate the interaction that takes place between the tube amplifier and the guitar speaker cabinet.

In addition to the high-speed current-feedback design, the Velocity 300 also incorporates Rocktron's unique "Speaker Reactance Simulation" circuitry. This concept is unprecedented in a solid-state amplifier and yields the much-sought-after sound of the most impressive tube amplifiers without the added maintenance and cost and weight of a tube amp.

While other amplifier manufacturers seem to concentrate solely on the harmonic characteristics of the tube itself (and how to recreate them in a solid state circuit), Rocktron suggests it still lacks the tube sound. When put to the test and compared directly with the most popular tube amps, these solid state designs still sound cold and thin.

At the maximum setting of the reactance control, the Velocity 300 will instead sound like a tube amplifier, simulating the interaction between a tube amplifier and a guitar speaker cabinet. The resulting sound is much warmer and fatter, and when compared directly with a tube amp, is virtually indistinguishable.

Rocktron Velocity 300 150W Rack Power Amp Features:

  • Up to 150 watts per channel stereo, up to 300 watts mono bridged
  • Easily accessible individual line fuses protect the unit's output devices from failure under extreme conditions
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling system ensures that the internal fan will only turn on when the unit reaches a certain temperature.
  • Silent on/off switching
  • Protective "Overload" circuit automatically shuts the unit down when plugged into an AC wall outlet providing excessively high line voltage.
  • Clip LEDs for each channel

Order today and get that expensive tube amp sound at a fraction of the cost.

Rocktron Velocity 300 150W Rack Power Amp Specifications:

  • Output power: (unabridged) 150 watts at 4 Ohms (per channel), 100 watts at 8 Ohms (per channel), 60 watts at 16 Ohms (per channel); (abridged) 300 watts at 8 Ohms (mono), 200 watts at 16 Ohms (mono)
  • Maximum input level: +22.5dBu
  • Maximum output level: +31.7dBu
  • Maximum gain: 40dB
  • Noise floor (typical): +66dBu (A-weighted)
  • Dynamic range (typical): 98dBu (A-weighted)
  • Distortion (typical): 16 Ohm .025%, 8 Ohm .035%, 4 Ohm .065%; (bridged) 16 Ohm .035%, 8 Ohm .045%
  • Frequency response: ± dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
  • Dumping factor: 70 (at 8 Ohm)
  • Input sensitivity: .3V RMS (at 8 Ohm to rated output)
  • Current consumption: 450 watts (at 120 VAC)
  • Overvoltage trip points: 100 volts trips at 116 volts, 120 volts trips at 139 volts, 220 volts trips at 260 volts, 240 volts trips at 282 volts

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