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Click here to buy Rogue STR-1 Pro Electric Sitar Guitar by Rogue.
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At on December 02, 2010.

Add an Asian vibe without the learning curve!

Fitted with 6 guitar strings, 13 sympathetic drone strings, and a buzzing Gotoh bridge, its guitar-like scale and neck couple familiar feel with the exotic tone of the traditional Indian instrument. All 3 pickups (including the sympathetic-string pickup) have independent tone and volume controls. A great axe for re-creating those psychedelic chestnuts of the '60s and for getting into modern world fusion styles.

How to tune the sympathetic strings: The gauge of the sympathetic strings is .010. and a harp wrench is used for the tuning process.

Traditional Tuning:

The longest and lowest string is tuned an octave above the high E of a standard tuned guitar. From there the strings are tuned in half steps. This is just a starting point and experimentation can yield some beautiful sounds.

Another great tuning is to use a "dropped D" tuning (dropping the 6th E string down a full step to D) on the guitar neck; then the sympathetic strings would be tuned to a D7sus chord as follows (longest string to shortest string):

D - same note as 1st string of the guitar neck fretted at the 10th fret (the 1st string is tuned to standard E)
F# - ascending
G - ascending
A - ascending
C - ascending
A - ascending
G - ascending
F# - ascending
G - ascending
A - ascending
C - ascending
D - ascending
D - same as previous note

Rogue STR-1 Pro Electric Sitar Guitar Features:

  • 6 guitar strings with guitar-like neck
  • 13 sympathetic drone strings
  • Special Gotoh bridge
  • 3 pickups with independent tone and volume controls

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