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Aberdeen City
The Freezing Atlantic
Dovecote Records
Fall 2005

Boston-based Aberdeen City ably and comfortably glides the plane of alternative and modern rock.  Their guitar-heavy delay sound is at times reminiscent of pop rock icons U2 and Radiohead, but there’s enough differentiation to keep the sound fresh as well as familiar.  Essentially, it’s a modern sound that rocks first and foremost but also showcases enough hooks and darkly relatable lyrics that most listeners will instantly appreciate. 

Aberdeen City’s lyrics commendably tackle current social issues of our day—including the way religion’s been hijacked for political gain—and not simply relationships gone awry.  The Freezing Atlantic is marked by rhythmic drumming and guitar resonance that approaches the edge of shoegazer rock, without quite abandoning its modern pop sensibilities.  It’s an impressive debut. 

Favorite Track: Track 6, “In Combat”

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