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It sounds like the plot of an indie film, but it's true: founded under the name Ecce in 2004, Los Angeles indie act Behold were booked for acts on the strength of their demo reel before they had a whole band put together. Luckily, founders James Jeffery "Jefe" Caldwell and Adam Zuckert were able to drum up a band via, and the rest is history in the making. Behold's eponymous debut CD is one of those releases that kicks off the "sounds like" game. The band's MySpace page offers "Sounds Like Waiting for the Sun meets A Love Supreme meets Raw Power," but there's much more going on than meets the ear. Is that a little Soundgarden I hear? Perhaps some Hendrix? A dash of Cash? Yes -- all that, and more.

Behold starts off powerfully with "Absinthe", an ode to the green beverage which sounds like nothing so much as Jane's Addiction if it were fronted by Iggy Pop, with raspy, in-your-face vocals layered atop lush instrumentation. But just when you think you know what to expect, the band changes gears and offers the bouncy, radio-friendly "Song A," followed by the smokey jazz of "Eve," the country rock "Promise Me" and, later, the salsafied "Mariposa," which would be equally at home on Ozomatli's set list. This is a CD that constantly evolves and shifts, a Shroedinger's soundtrack to a Fellini film as re-imagined by Baz Luhrmann, and the best way to experience it is to hit play, kick back and swallow it all in a single gulp.


Favorite Track: "Ecce Homo"

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