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The Artificial Picture
LGM Records
not yet released, recorded in 2006

Fetch from the closet your rocking pants, and also your rocking hat, scarf, gloves and your rockingest long underwear, for you must be encased in rock when you listen to Brane’s new album The Artificial Picture. (Older fans might also want a rocking neck brace, to shield themselves from the head banging which Brane compels. And if you’re really fragile, may we suggest rocking body armor, in case of involuntary moshing?)

Layne Staley, is that you? Well, no. But at times, Brane’s lead singer, Josh Wannamaker, approaches that Staley quality with his sonorous choruses. However, Brane has a lighter vibe than Alice in Chains ever did – hence the need for your rocking gear. With Gavin Scott Buehler throwing down masterful guitar noises (while secretly plotting ways to make his last name even more difficult to spell), Maxim Shelkov providing growling bass, and Chris Perra’s steady drum support, you want to dance to this album, or at least jerk your head around a lot.

The Artificial Picture was self-produced – and by Canadians! – yet it has an even, professional sound. The country that spat out Bryan Adams and Avril Lavigne might have finally given us something we’re happy to have. Brane, you can rock our airwaves anytime.

Favorite Track: Track 10, “Better Off Dead”

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