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Blood Soaked World
Fingar Media

Chadwick is a San Francisco-based purveyor of psychedelic, sonically dissonant, Goth-steeped death rock.   Blood Soaked World is loaded with 13 tracks spanning a breathtaking 70 minutes or so.  Though I’m a little new and overwhelmed (dare I say “afraid”) of the genre, I was surprised to find myself taking to the guitar-driven bedlam in very little time. 

Blood Soaked World, of course, isn’t for the faint of heart.  With song titles like “Bloodline,” “Vampyres in Roseland,” “She’s Not a Slave,” and “Blood Soaked World,” the highly charged and amplified cacophony and brooding lyrics are dangerously apropos for an ever darkening vision of the world in wartime, the world in which we live.  Fittingly, perhaps, the closer is a faithful rendition of the Black Sabbath classic, “Paranoid.”

Favorite Track: Track 3, “Vampyres in Roseland”

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Roland Goity is a writer of fiction, non-fiction and freelance business pieces.  His background includes marketing and promotion in the music industry and an inability to capably play his guitar no matter how hard he practices.  He can be reached at or at his web site
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