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Curt Kirkwood  
Little Dog Records
October 2005

Meat Puppets founder and guitarist Curt Kirkwood’s first solo album is Snow, a highly enjoyable recording of ten distinct tunes that are more alt-country than psychedelic cowboy punk, and show that Kirkwood’s growing Austin roots extend further into the region’s musical tradition.  On Snow, Kirkwood’s endearing voice is more accessible than ever, and several songs sound as if Kirkwood’s singing from a porch rocking chair at sunset, a sleepy bloodhound at his feet.

There’s still a detectable Meat Puppets charm to a number of tracks.  The opener, “Golden Lies,” was the title track of the reconstituted Meat Puppets album of 2000.  Also, “Beautiful Weapon,” “Light Bulb,” and “In Bone” all could pass for unplugged versions of the Meat Puppets variety.  Nevertheless, Kirkwood is now exploring new musical territory, and listeners are well advised to follow along.

Favorite Track: Track 9, “In Bone

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