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Edgar Winter
Rebel Road
Avow Records
July 8, 2008
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Edgar Winter has been rocking longer than I’ve been breathing, but his latest album, Rebel Road, is proof that his creative juices are still going strong. As soon as the first guitar riffs blast out of the speakers (provided by Slash, whose fingers are proving themselves to be equally long-lasting), Rebel Road grabs you by the bristles and doesn’t let go.

Winter, who gave the world classics like “Frankenstein” and “Free Ride,” doesn’t let up for a second with Rebel Road – but that doesn’t mean it’s all hard stuff, either. Winter proves that he’s not all rebel yells and watch-the-hand slick guitar moves in a few slower songs, where the power and range of his voice is very apparent. In his ballads, he sounds a little like David Wilcox, with a sweet, mild tone that captures the heart as well as the ear. And when he lets loose, you can hear undertones of metal, country and sixties sounds bolstering the rock that’s all Winter.

No question, Rebel Road is a feel-good album the whole way through. Whether he’s making you laugh by advocating the power of “positive drinking” or making you get up and dance with a riotous chorus, Winter puts his whole heart into each song, and you can’t help responding with a two-step and a big, dopey grin. This album will be the life of the party; put it on when you’re celebrating with a hundred people or just need a quick pick-me-up on your own.

Favorite Track: “Texas Tornado”

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