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Electric Laser People
Straight Talk on Raising Kids
Self Released
June 2007

It’s hard to type, because I’m bouncing around in my seat while I listen to Straight Talk on Raising Kids by Electric Laser People. I keep wanting to wave my hands around in silly fist pumps and knock my head from side to side.

“It’s the year 3000. Scientists have cured hunger and disease. Now they spend all their time making people look beautiful,” intones the voiceover that precedes “disco3000.” There is some excellent tongue-in-cheek funk happening on this album; the songs are beautifully serious in that hipster way that doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

“I do what I gotta do to get close so I can make out with you...This is the makeout song! Everybody start kissing!” the singer commands over a foot-tapping beat, while Space Mountain rave sounds whiz by in the background.

Straight Talk on Raising Kids is high energy and a lot of fun. This album would make an excellent soundtrack for a costume party, or for a drive along one of those coastal highways when no one’s around and you can go really fast.

Favorite Track: Track 2, “disco3000”

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Kris Larson works as a freelance journalist in San Francisco. She has a degree in English Literature from San Francisco State but has so far managed to remain out of the food service industry. You can visit her website at
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