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August 2000

The album design is very simple and attractive. When you open the 4-page insert you see pictures of family, and thanks to family members. When you look at the band line-up, you’ll see it’s really only two people, so immediately you know this is a made-for-studio band. Not a bad thing, just being observant. I will also mention that after listening into the album a little bit you start to hear a lot of familiar sounds. The vocals represent about 75% (maybe more) of the male rock vocalists out there right now. It’s a typical 90’s Seattle rock sound. The songs are definitely original sounding, written very well. The recording quality is almost there. It is still something I could sit and listen to a couple times through without it driving me nuts. I can still hear several things that keep it from matching a professional level.

Track 5 comes out of the wood works with some very nice finger style guitar playing…too bad it’s only a minute long. Track 9 and 10 are the same key and follows the same chord progression. May want to consider a capo, or just moving to another slot on the album. Eliah needs to become a full-fledged band and get out there. I know there is still a market for their sound, and they will learn some very valuable things about their sound in the meantime. Keep going at what you are doing.

Favorite Track: 9, “??”

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Erik Beyer is a trained musician, performer, songwriter, arranger, and self-taught businessman. After spending five years in the Army Band he moved back to Portland, OR and began designing sound systems and marketing pro audio gear. He later was hired to book for a local Portland venue, putting bands on stage seven nights a week where he reviewed all CDs submitted. In 1998 he formed Beyer Sound Productions with a goal to serve musicians.

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