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Fallen From Grace
Fallen From Grace
Self Release

When I put this CD in I was put back in my seat. I could not believe the power behind this album! So very well done, very thick with sound, and rich with style and emotionÖthis is a very well produced album. The cool thing I noticed is, as a 3-piece, itís guitar/bass, vocals/guitar, and keys/drum sequencer/beats. A very nice combination. I would love to see these guys live. I hope they are seeking management and a label!

This is a good example of how to record an album. If you canít achieve this quality, donít even try! Kidding - you can still try. The things that get me moving about this album is the nice acoustic guitar riffs and grooves. The vocal harmonies are very strong and mixed well. The drumbeats are very fitting. Itís nice, because I didnít hear anything that didnít fit! The relationship between the instruments in this recording is very tight. You can also hear the style in the music is consistent throughout the album, which I believe is important in this kind of album. Nice job!

Favorite Track: 1, ďCatch It If You CanĒ

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Erik Beyer is a trained musician, performer, songwriter, arranger, and self-taught businessman. After spending five years in the Army Band he moved back to Portland, OR and began designing sound systems and marketing pro audio gear. He later was hired to book for a local Portland venue, putting bands on stage seven nights a week where he reviewed all CDs submitted. In 1998 he formed Beyer Sound Productions with a goal to serve musicians.

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