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Fluttr Effect
Marking Time
10t Records

Marking Time is not so much a revisiting of progressive days gone by as it is an evolution. The Boston-based band has toured with the likes of The Dresden Dolls, King's X and Rasputina, and that in itself probably says enough about the unique sound this band can produce. This is definitely "music to think to," challenging the listener with frequent tempo changes and unexpected twists that play out like the soundtrack to a Lynch film, with touches of Blade Runner thrown in for good measure.

The first three tracks ("Like This", "Talk To Me" and "Awake,") feature strong vocals and long, jazzy guitar bridges, the latter song calling to mind some of the quieter moments of the Dream Theater album of the same name. "...Porn" is a smoother ride, dripping with a Mulholland Drive vibe, and "February First 1896" is like a vaudevillian trip through time, somewhere between the late 19th Century and the late 20th, when Savatage put out Gutter Ballet. Most radio friendly (by modern terms) is probably "Venus Loves Hades," though this bouncy lounge-act is also least representative of the CD as a whole. Much more typical is album closer "Marking Time," packed full of tempo changes and Petrucci-esque guitar work. Cleverly concealed at the end of the song is one of the album's highlights, a hidden track named "Transmission" -- just one more sign that this is not a CD for a passive audience. Flutter Effect demands attention, and they deserve it.

Favorite Track: Track 10, "Nowhere"

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