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Greg Roth
Caught Looking
Rio Rancho Records
Regardless of whether or not they're playing with a band at the time, there are a lot of musicians who can be summed up as "a guy with a guitar": Mark Eitzel, Elvis Costello, Freedy Johnston, Glenn Tilbrook, Neil Finn. With his debut release Caught Looking, musician Greg Roth stands poised to join that list. Roth's MySpace page name-drops Bob Dylan as an influence, but a better comparison might be Jacob Dylan of Wallflowers fame, with his overall more radio-friendly (and, well, just friendly) sound.

For the most part Caught Looking sticks to formula, drifting somewhere between Waits and Wilco with wonderful storytelling and a poppy, alternative rock sound, with some ("Yes," "12:40 am Wine") drifting towards alt-country, and others ("Your Providence") more towards blues, but most sticking safely somewhere between. One noteworthy exception is the first track, the race-to-the-finish, sixty-second-long "I've Only Got a Minute," which despite its terseness serves as an excellent introduction to the CD and Roth's earnest, honest vocals; another is Track 10, "League Bowlers," a quirky mixture of bluegrass and, I think... pirate sea chanty? Whatever it is, it's a lot of fun, and it's just one more reason that it's worth taking a look at Caught Looking -- as well as a listen.

Favorite Track: "Good Heart "

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