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No Ceiling
Channel A Music
March 18, 2008
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I’m not sure Haale knows we’re out here. On their album No Ceiling, the groaning voice of the eponymous singer, Haale Gafori, groans and roars just on the border between pain and pleasure. It’s kind of like listening to really loud bagpipes played very skillfully. Curiously, the artists I want to compare this band to are authors: like Thomas Pynchon and Gertrude Stein, the musicians of Haale dive into their art headfirst and it’s up to you to keep up.

The album is part Pink Floyd-ish rock, part Middle Eastern ululations, and always a full attack on your senses. You could imagine the weird sisters of Macbeth singing this music, and you could imagine it being belted over top-quality speakers to an audience of thousands. Just don’t imagine that any part of it is easy. Even the lyrics will surprise you, veering at the last minute away from obvious rhymes or structure.

This is a high quality album designed to put hair on your chest. Check it out.

Favorite Track: “Off Duty Fortune Teller”

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Kris Larson works as a freelance journalist in San Francisco. She has a degree in English Literature from San Francisco State but has so far managed to remain out of the food service industry. You can visit her website at
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