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Inner Surge
Signals Screaming
Cyclone Records

Although Inner Surge is sonically similar to bands like Disturbed, Slipknot, and (especially) System of a Down, the most apt comparison is probably to the late Rage Against the Machine. Rather than musical influences, the liner notes to Signals Screaming list Influences including the likes of Malcolm X, Michael Moore, George Orwell and Public Enemy's Chuck D. This is definitely music with a message, and that message is definitely anti-establishment.

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Inner Surge combines metal, hardcore and Eastern sounds on this album, though the former is most apparent throughout, especially in songs like "The Outcome" and "Flames in Synergy", which feature SoaD-like vocals and angry guitar licks that bring to mind Pantera from their Cowboys In Hell days. "Branding the Muse" features a more raw, choppy sound reminiscent of Helmet or Quicksand, while the "The Bottom Line" and "No Profit In The Cure" (which alternate loud, angry chorus with softer, Eastern-tinged soundscapes) could very well be the next evolution in sound from The Tea Party. Perhaps the most interesting track is "Wolves", a quiet, reflective piece which substitutes soft harmonies for screaming vocals, and gentle strumming for the sonic assault found elsewhere. It's a welcome eye in the midst of an angry hurricane.

Favorite Track: Track 11, "No Profit In The Cure"

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