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Jen Chapin
Hybrid Recordings

Jen Chapin is the daughter of Harry Chapin, whose mid-seventies hit “Cats in the Cradle,” was one of my favorite songs as a kid, and among the first I learned to play on guitar (Guess I’m dating myself…) But she’s a talent in her own right, and on Ready she displays finely crafted work that tend more towards jazz-inspired numbers than pop or folk, but combine elements of each.   

Chapin’s sophisticated voice and imagistic lyrics at times evoke a similar quality to the works of Alanis Morrisette or Kate Bush.  With its lush collage of polished musicianship and array of instruments (acoustic bass, viola, ukulele, clarinet, etc.), Ready is likely to appeal to the contemplative listener.  Her songs cover social issues and ideas as well as those relating to self-reflection and personal relationships.  While ballads and upbeat jazz tunes are the bulk, several, like the big city-themed “NYC” carry a crossover, mainstream appeal. 

Favorite Track: Track 3, “Scream Laugh Cry” 

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