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Godflower Music Co.

Right off the bat I hear timing issues. Gotta mention that. This Christian rock band from Ohio has a good strong sound, and a solid edge. The instrumentation is put together well. For an all-original rock act they have very good quality vocal styles…appropriate for the style. Stepping back from the original impression, this project is definitely a low budget and amateur recording and production. As a fun project, it probably worked for them. Something they can all look back on and smile about.

When I hit track 6 I was honestly frightened by the horn section sound. Just cut it out all together! You have a good songwriting style, and a nice album flow, but you have some things to work on, and should consider recording in a good quality-recording studio next time. I think you could come up with something decent.

Favorite Track: 8, “Craft”

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Erik Beyer is a trained musician, performer, songwriter, arranger, and self-taught businessman. After spending five years in the Army Band he moved back to Portland, OR and began designing sound systems and marketing pro audio gear. He later was hired to book for a local Portland venue, putting bands on stage seven nights a week where he reviewed all CDs submitted. In 1998 he formed Beyer Sound Productions with a goal to serve musicians.

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