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Stephen Malkmus
Face the Truth

As the founder and frontman of Pavement, Stephen Malkmus’ albums with his band The Jicks are, for better or worse, always being compared to his earlier work. With Face the Truth Malkmus gives fans of early Pavement material the types of songs and sounds they still long for with an additional benefit. The tunes here represent Malkmus’ most mature works, ably striding the fine line between the raw and overly polished. The energy here is just right.

The songs include traditional laid-back indie rockers along with a few slower, jazzier numbers, and an eight-minute epic, No More Shoes, which features soaring guitar leads and extended jams that would make Thurston Moore and Doug Martsch envious. Each track is worthy in its own right, and listening to the album and the distinctively excellent qualities of each song is the audio equivalent to watching a great movie where scene after scene leaves a viewer awestruck. Suffice to say, Malkmus nails it with this one.

Favorite Track: Track 6, “No More Shoes”

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