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Micah Wolf
Self Titled
Blockpane Records

Micah Wolf’s self-titled debut album invokes the laid-back attitude of a Hawaiian surfer, the steady beat of Washington rain on the roof, and the optimistic overtones of sunny Mexico. It’s not surprising, since he’s spent his life traveling through all these places and more, moving from commune to commune with his free-wheeling mom.

Wolf’s songs are classic boy-and-guitar ballads. With a mellow, inoffensive voice that brings Jack Johnson and G. Love to mind, he glides from track to track with no jarring notes to distinguish between songs. The end result is a smooth ride that feels like one long tune.

I’d expect to find Micah Wolf playing in my local coffee shop – you know, that independent one with the cute pierced barristas, a fast wireless connection and really good books left on the tables? Like a good cup of coffee, Wolf’s songs relax you and fill you with optimism. Listen to this album while you read the morning paper and things won’t look so bad, or put it on last thing at night to drive away bad dreams.

Favorite Track: Track 7, “Return To You”

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