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Miles Partridge

Miles Partridge
Self Released


The opening track of his self-titled album, Mile Partridge aptly choruses “I’m all I got,” and, indeed, except for a few exceptions from ably skilled musician buddies of his, Partridge wrote, played, recorded and produced every note on the album. He’s a Todd Rundgren-like studio wizard whose predilections are high-volume and high-intensity grunge and certainly not the handholding, tambourine-tapping styles made famous by those other Partridges: Danny, Keith, Shirley, et al.

Partridge’s Seattle roots are in evidence from the first tune to the last. The songs are steeped in the familiar sounds of classic grunge: the kind made famous by bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. In fact, one of the tracks, “Kurdt,” pays homage to the late Monsieur Cobain. Fans who agree with Partridge’s sentiment, “We need Nirvana,” will likely find much to like with this album.

Favorite Track: Track 9, “Delineate Me”

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