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Natasha Borzilova
Cheap Escape
Hadley Music Group
April 21, 2008
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Ever since we all fell in love with that cute li’l Irish couple from Once, first in the film and then at the Oscars, most of us have been perking up our ears when we hear “foreign” and “acoustic” in the same sentence. Well, keep those ears perked for Cheap Escape, the new album from Natasha Borzilova.

Borzilova was a member of Grammy-nominated group Bering Strait, a combo of child prodigies from Russia who came to the US as adults to try their hands at country singing. (Sounds like a movie, right? Actually, there was a documentary made about the band.)  When the band finally split up in 06, Borzilova saw an opportunity to make music on her own terms.

What emerged from her two-year process is an eclectic collection of strong ballads from a truly talented musician. Borzilova has one of those rare voices: fierce, clear and beautiful, you’ll never catch her slurring through the tough spots or fumbling for a note. Her songs are honest and direct, free of extraneous gimmickry or whininess. And her backing band is extremely talented, but fans of her classic guitar playing will be happy to hear that she also backs herself on every song.

This is a gorgeous, energetic album by an accomplished performer. Pick it up when you need something honest and clean to get your blood flowing.

Favorite Track: “Last Touch”

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