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Randy and the Wolfpack
Hello Sunny Day & Smile
1996/1997 & 2001/2002

Looking at the album, then listening to the record “Hello Sunny Day” I will say they do not mix. After listening to the album I would say the design should have been a little more representative of the music, which is ranging from Beatles era styles to 1980’s classic rock. There is some great songwriting on this. The flow of the album is a little awkward, but it all sounds good. The recording quality and engineering work, including production and “pickiness” is a little weak, but better than what I have heard out of bands playing these same styles. Plus, this album is the first of the two I received.

The next album, “Smile,” even though it was completed several years later, sounds identical. The recording quality is not better; the songs are still well written and poorly recorded. They attempted a rendition of “Love” by John Lennon and actually did a decent job of it. Going back to the recording, there are a lot of inconsistencies, especially on track 11 where there is obvious distortion in the recording. Randy’s band used electronic drums on this recording and it was very obvious. They are very thin sounding, no energy and very digital.

I would lean to say these guys are in it for the fun, and doing the best with what they have. Keep learning, guys! You have great material, just need to step up the recordings and attention to detail if you intend on taking this project any further.

Favorite Track: “Smile” 14, “Moment”

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Erik Beyer is a trained musician, performer, songwriter, arranger, and self-taught businessman. After spending five years in the Army Band he moved back to Portland, OR and began designing sound systems and marketing pro audio gear. He later was hired to book for a local Portland venue, putting bands on stage seven nights a week where he reviewed all CDs submitted. In 1998 he formed Beyer Sound Productions with a goal to serve musicians.

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