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Gimme Fiction

Spoon has been on the verge of breaking through the indie-rock clutter for a number of years now, and Gimme Fiction is the album that might give them their first taste of relative mainstream success. Hailing from Austin, TX, the band’s low-fi “slacker” sound, leaves lots of space in the music, giving each drum beat, keyboard note and guitar strum a little more meaning, while giving front man Britt Daniels’ suggestive vocals added emphasis.

Gimme Fiction continues to showcase Spoon’s post-punk roots with one notable exception: I Turn My Camera On, which could almost pass for an alternate version of the Stones’ Emotional Rescue or something from Jamiroquai. The rest of the more “traditional” Spoon tracks aren’t without a little eclecticism of their own, though, and the sounds of tambourines clanging, cellos brooding and fingers snapping are all heard at some point. As with some of the band’s earlier albums, this one’s a grower. But Spoon fans will find Gimme Fiction worthy of repeated listenings until it’s made an indelible imprint into the recesses of the mind. Well, hardcore fans will, anyway. Everyone else can enjoy at their leisure.

Favorite Track: Track 10, “They Never Got You”

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