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Ryan Formato
Rise From the Dead
December 2010
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The current electric guitar landscape is full of insanely fast shredders. The majority of which showcase their talents within a band, where there is a large amount of give and take between the band members. Far fewer are bold enough to unleash their talents under their own moniker. Ryan Formato has taken the latter approach to introduce himself to the world with his debut album Rise From The Dead. With a healthy resume of success in national guitar shredding competitions, he wants to walk among Joe Satriani, Michael Angelo, Jason Becker, and Yngwie Malmsteen as a great instrumental electric guitarist. Rise from the Dead is full of sparkling technical virtuosity, but does not flourish compositionally.

Placing in the top six of the 2004 Guitarmageddon competition, Ryan is certainly capable of the most intricate guitar gymnastics. His songs are full of lightning fast sweeps, scales, arpeggios, and complex solos, yet they lack complimentary virtuosity on the bass and drums. The songs are simple, have common harmonic progressions, and predictable changes. The compositions sound like vehicles to propel Ryan through his next gymnastic guitar skill. These skills are refined, clean, fast, and well rehearsed. No musician would listen to this and doubt his ability to do just about anything he wanted with the guitar, but whether he has the maturity and restraint to create a captivating collection of songs will remain to be seen.

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Reviewer Bio - David Isaacs is a musician, accomplished classical guitarist and avid music fan of many genres and styles, ranging from Indie, Goth, Metal to Classical. Living in Long Beach, CA with wife Chelsea, together they form Chanson du Soir.

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