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OnlineRock would like to thank all of the artists who have contributed their music to make this CD possible. Special thanks go to Michael Hickey for his inspiration in getting this project off the ground. We'd also like to express our gratitude to Effectuality for their help in the production of this CD. "We are very happy to be involved in this project with OnlineRock," said Jeffery Hay of Effectuality, "this CD allows us the opportunity to show our solidarity in defending freedom at the community level and gives musicians a place to express their own feelings about recent events through their music."

Name: Michael Hickey
Location: East Greenbush, New York
Song: 91101
Comments: This simple musical theme is my prayer without words, crying out to God for peace and healing for all those who are suffering. In this solemn piece, full of sadness and loss, is an underlying hope. A hope for the future and a hope for the blessings that only God can bring out of a tragedy of this magnitude.

Name: Joshua Poet
Location: Los Angeles, California
Song: Great Spirit
Comments: My prayers go out to all of us during these times, that we may find the ways to heal and continue to grow together as a family. Peace!

Name: Fariborz Lachini
Location: San Jose, California
Song: Bani Adam
Comments: I dedicate this song to the lost lives of Sep 11th tragedy, their families and loved ones. Lyrics are the translation of poem by Sa'di, the great Persian poet who lived around 1210-1290. It basically says: Humans are like parts of a body and they have been created from a single gem. The same way when a part of body hurts, the rest of the body feels the pain, if a member in a society is in pain, the rest of society feels the loss....

Name: Fryed ChicKeN
Location: Danville, Virginia
Song: Dont Tread on Me
Comments: God Bless America

Name: Miss Kristin
Location: San Jose, California
Song: March On!
Comments: This is a song about hope for the future, a song for all survivors everywhere!

Name: Christopher Thomas
Location: Albany, New York
Song: What's Scary
Comments: A meditation on the World Trade Center disaster written shortly after the attacks. The anger is muted, but definitely present in this haunting melody put forth with voice and guitar and harmonica.

Name: Dayjob_2000
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Song: Sherrie Untitled 1
Comments: We wrote this a year or so before the event, but it's relevant because it explores the ongoing battle between good and evil...

Name: Third 2 None
Location: Albany, New York
Song: On My Own
Comments: We were all deeply affected by this tragedy, and we hope that the people who lost loved ones find peace soon.

Name: New Tattoo
Location: Tampa, Florida
Song: Give and Take
Comments: Our prayers go out to the victims and families of this horrific tragedy.

Name: The Gist
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Song: All I Said
Comments: This is about a simple concept being misunderstood. Peace and understanding to us all.

Name: Angel Edwards Band
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Song: Save Our Planet
Comments: A prayer for Divine intervention in the world's current agony and spiritual depravity.

Name: Scarlet Crush
Location: Southern California
Song: Oklahoma
Comments: Live (and unreleased) demo about the bombing in Oklahoma. Insanity has no borders, knows no nationalities....

Name: Garvin Yee
Location: San Jose, California
Song: That's Alright, That's OK
Comments: Keep Rocking in the Free World

Name: PolyAxis
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Song: Sea of Storm
Comments: Thank you!

Name: The Beers
Location: St. Louis
Song: I Will Be There
Comments: Song written about 9-11 disaster, how we must be there for one another.

Name: Sheryl Clapton
Location: USA
Song: Missing From Our Shores
Comments: This song is dedicated to all missing loved ones.

Name: Faceless
Location: Central Germany
Song: Stranger's Eyes
Comments: Faceless rock band in Germany mourns with the free world and wishes peace on earth. God Bless America ! , Tom Porter

Name: Mandism
Song: Weapons
Comments: The song Weapons has social relevancy. It encourages people to think about buying and using guns.

Location: New Glarus, Wisconsin
Song: Of crystal & Fire

Name: Schizo Fun Addict
Location: New York City, New York
Song: The Hypnotized Never Lie
Comments: We're from New York City and the people are being lied to and manipulated by our Government and media. Our track is a synthesis of views taken from the internet radio stations as well as from the major media. There's too many holes in the story being told. Truth is the bomb and this is an explosion.

Name: Tiny Huge
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Website: www.angelfire/ma/gr8trax
Song: My Shining Angel
Comments: Widower's song, very sad

Name: Denise Culhane
Location: Albany, New York
Song: Fly

Name: Beats Working
Location: Royal Berkshire, England. UK
Song: Show Me A Way
Comments: We feel that this song can 'Show People A Way Forward' - Beats Working are thinking about our cousins in the USA

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