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OnlineRock Introduces Digital Music Sales Program
Bands sell music directly to fans from their OnlineRock Web sites

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 9, 1999 – OnlineRock, a Web community giving musicians, music professionals and fans free tools and services to promote their music, today introduced a digital music sales program offering artists one dollar for every MP3 file they sell from their OnlineRock site.  One of the first to sign up for the program is Ike Willis, former frontman for Frank Zappa, who is debuting his new album, Dirty Pictures, via digital download from his OnlineRock site (see companion release).

Since March, nearly 1,500 bands have joined OnlineRock to promote, distribute (and now sell) their music.  All of the site’s services are free, including 25 megs of Web space, Web site-building tools, Web-based email, bulletin boards, chat rooms, commentary and reviews, and more.  The digital music sales program, which is non-exclusive, is the obvious next step in delivering a Web-based suite of services of interest to musicians and music fans.

"The Internet is a phenomenal boon for music distribution, and it’s only a matter of time before download music sales achieves the same type of success," said Steve Beck, founder and president of OnlineRock.   "There are many valuable tools and resources for bands on the Web, so our music sales program is non-exclusive. By giving bands the means to sell their downloadable music, however, OnlineRock is quickly becoming a one-stop ‘cyber shop’ which meets the online promo needs of bands and musicians in every category."

How the Program Works:
Any band or musician whose site is hosted by OnlineRock can sign up for the company’s digital music sales program.  A minimum of three songs in MP3 format are then uploaded to a secure area where OnlineRock builds a custom ‘music store’ for each participant in the program.  Songs are sold for $1.49 each, with the artist receiving $1.00 (67%) of every sale in their personal account.  Checks are issued once a quarter for accounts with a balance greater than $10.00.

About OnlineRock
OnlineRock is an online music community with free tools and services for musicians, music professionals and music fans.  OnlineRock makes it easy for bands and musicians to promote, distribute and sell their music online.  The site provides free Web building and hosting services, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and editorial content of interest to musicians and music enthusiasts alike.  Founded in 1999, OnlineRock is based in Palo Alto, Calif.

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