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OnlineRock: Musicians and Music Fans Build Free Web Sites
to Promote Musical Endeavors

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 18, 1999 - Musicians, as a whole, are very dedicated to their craft. They spend endless hours rehearsing, writing songs, and reading trade magazines; basically, doing whatever it takes to improve their musicianship. This leaves little time, however, for public relations and marketing. A new Web community called OnlineRock is helping musicians and die-hard fans use the Internet to promote their musical endeavors.

At OnlineRock, music enthusiasts can easily create their own Web site, post messages on the site's bulletin board, chat interactively with others, and learn about new online and offline music technology. All of the site's services are free, and OnlineRock gives its members 10 megabytes of Web space (more upon special request). Better yet, unlike other online communities, OnlineRock's member sites include no annoying pop-up ads.

"The future of music is on the Internet," said Steve Beck, founder of OnlineRock. "I've been playing in rock bands for more than 18 years and know how difficult it is for many musicians to get the recognition they deserve. Our members, however, have the necessary tools and information that they need to promote themselves. They can easily build their own Web site and include sound files, graphics, tour dates. It essentially becomes their online promo kit for the whole world to see and hear."

OnlineRock currently has hundreds of members from all over the world, including pop songwriters from Singapore, alternative groups from New Zealand and heavy metal bands from Norway. One of its more renowned members is Ike Willis, former lead singer for Frank Zappa ( "OnlineRock gives me a great way to stay in touch with fans and promote my Zappa tribute tours this summer," said Willis. "It's obvious why the music industry is all abuzz about the Internet."

In addition to musicians, OnlineRock caters to the needs of music fans and industry professionals. Many members have created fan clubs and mailing lists for popular artists, while a variety of music related professionals have established sites for activities ranging from booking acts to selling instruments online.

About OnlineRock
OnlineRock is an online music community where musicians, industry professionals and fans promote their musical endeavors. At OnlineRock members and site visitors can easily build their own Web sites, post bulletin board messages, chat with fellow music lovers, and learn about related technology. Founded in 1999, OnlineRock is based in Palo Alto, Calif.


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