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#2038 - 02/06/09 05:41 AM Newsletter: CD Promotional Package at OnlineRock
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We're pleased to announce our new CD Promotional Package. This package is perfect for musicians or bands that have a new or upcoming release and want to get the word out about it. Labels can also benefit from this new service. Along with your CD, our experienced music industry and PR team will develop compelling press material for your band and put it in the hands of leading online music reviewers, so that your music reaches the widest possible audience. For more information, please visit:

ONLINEROCK ECONOMIC STIMULUS: We know it's tight out there for everyone (us too) so we decided to lower our web-hosting prices. For as little as $9.99 per year, you can now remove ads from your OnlineRock website and get more storage space for your music. Other packages are available so check them out at:

LINE 6 GIVEAWAY: Our January winner was Bill from New Brunswick, New Jersey. This month we'll give away another Line 6 Tonecore Pedal. ToneCore pedals provide exclusive Line 6 tones, advanced sound, and astonishing control. There are eleven ToneCore pedals: Dr. Distorto, Ottofilter, Liqua Flange, RotoMachine and Verbzilla plus the original Echo Park, Space Chorus, Tap Tremelo, Uber Metal, Crunchtone and Constrictor. Register to win at:

FEATURED ARTIST PROFILE: Gregory Paul lures listeners through a beautifully haunted acoustic soundscape of folk-noir sounds and images...along miles of ethereal banjo, guitar, bow, slide, and musical saw. Following his popular success with the Rochester, NY based Autumdivers, Paul released his highly applauded 2005 solo album "Awake From the Flash", which contains recordings that span twenty years of GP's musical experiences. His new release "This Side Of The Ground" is out now. Download a song and check out his profile at:

CD REVIEWS: Euphoric and economical, Animal Collective’s eighth studio album is the perfect entrance point for casual music-lovers that may be put off by terms like “psych folk” or “noise rock.” Shedding surprise for sheer musicality, "Merriweather Post Pavilion" finds one of the most imaginative (and prolific) modern musical groups at top form, expanding upon their spasmodic genre-bending style while reigning each track in before it explodes into too much fuzz, fuss or furry. Read the full review and others at:

ONLINEROCK PODCAST: Our bimonthly podcast, hosted by Andrew McNair, is designed to expose listeners to bands and music that you might not normally get a chance to hear. Our February 1st segment features Loney Dear, M. Ward and Of Montreal (remixed by Jon Brion). To take a listen and subscribe via iTunes, please visit:

READER'S POLL: When the mood strikes, where do you record? Do you have your own studio or use a friend's? Do you hire a professional or use other options? Just go to our updated Sounding Board and click your preference at:

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: On her fourth solo album, to be released on March 3, Marissa Nadler finds multiple ways to envelop the listener in splendid gauzy moods without becoming monochromatic. “The songs take on different personalities at different points in time,” says Nadler. “If a song is good, you should be able to do it in any style and transform it, take a risk and have some fun." We have a free sample for you at:

WORKING BAND: Part six of Erik Jay's 15 part series is entitled From Mix and Master to Manufacture. Somehow or other — in a process that combines love, luck, and a lot of hard work — you got some of your songs recorded. At this point, the question to be answered, the decision to be made, is: Is the mix ready to master? Read Part Six at:

ONE-ON-ONE: This month we feature Nick Cave as he sits down with Pitchfork staff writer Cosmo Lee to discuss the differences in working with Grinderman versus The Bad Seeds as well as his empathy for Lazarus. Watch part one of the interview at:

Next month we will feature artists performing at SXSW.


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