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What's a Working Band to Do?

by Erik Jay

A practical 15 part series of how-to articles. It is not about describing the unified field theory or exploring the outer reaches of human philosophy; it’s about working in the music business in the real world, so it’s not even about being a star, okay? It’s practical, do-able advice. Erik Jay is a writer, designer, and BMI composer/artist who lives in L.A. with one wife and two dogs. At his site,, you can take Door #1 for his editorial and design work, or Door #2 for original music.

Part 1: A Game of Musical Hats

Part 2: Image, Identity & Goals

Part 3: Making Sound Decisions

Part 4: Sound Decisions about Live Recording

Part 5: Sound Decisions About Studio Recording

Part 6: From Mix and Master to Manufacture

Part 7: CD Manufacturing and Distribution

Part 8: Love at First Site

Part 9: The Wonders and Woes of the Web

Part 10: Radio, TV, Film and “Digital Convergence”

Part 11: Exercising Your Creative Muscles

Part 12: What the Heck Are You Talking About?

Part 13: There’s No Such Thing as Pro Karaoke

Part 14: Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do, Staying Together Is

Part 15: Surviving the Major Computer Crash (Mac)


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