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OnlineRock Records has developed from the OnlineRock musician resource Web site. Our goal at OnlineRock is to empower musicians by providing them with the tools and the resources needed in developing and promoting their music. Solo artists and bands, whether big names or newcomers, now have the opportunity to create and distribute their music using the Internet as an instrument for reaching fans around the world. By providing online services, music distribution, and content relevant to musicians, OnlineRock can further aid and foster the growth of the independent music community.

Artists and Releases:

Needle - Songs Your Mother Never Sang YouNeedle: Songs Your Mother Never Sang You - Needle’s debut CD, Songs Your Mother Never Sang You, blends Steve Beck’s low-fi minimalist arrangements with Julie Cornett’s collection of lullabies and symphonic sagas.  The CD is the product of musical ideas and experimentation under the influence of green tea, red wine and carnitas. Occasionally Christine Banks would stop by and add a touch of spice with her violin. Needle Website


Gregory Paul - Awake From The FlashGregory Paul: Awake From The Flash - Somewhere between the minimalist landscape and the world of psyche folk lies the musical territory of Gregory Paul. As a singer, guitarist/songwriter and composer working to create a hybrid of sound, Paul has emerged as a craftsman in hypnotic, emotionally fueled atmospheres.. With his new release, Awake From he Flash, Paul aims to push the boundaries of experimentation with a multi-genre palette of acid folk, dream pop and improvisation among others. Gregory Paul Website


AutumdiversAutumdivers: Self Titled - Underground musicians for the past 15 years, guitarist and vocalist Gregory Paul and drummer Aaron Boucher have surfaced with the help of bassist Tony Wensel to form the Autumdivers. The Rochester, NY-based trio have been a favorite on the East Coast for years, but now they’re making waves around the country, where they’ve signed a record deal and played tour dates from Boston to San Diego.


Gregory Paul Group - Spirit and DecibelsGregory Paul Group: Spirit and Decibels - Gregory Paul (vocals, guitars and electronics) and Aaron Boucher (drums) had been performing and recording in a unique duo configuration since 1998. In september 2001, the pair added bass player Tony Wensel. In performance and on their recordings, the group creates a textured, hypnotic sound with alluring and emotive vocals interwoven with haunting, minimalist instrumentals, propelled inventive percussion and solid bass line. Billboard Magazine called the group "a hybrid of atmospheric ambience and powerful acoustics."

Ike Willis - Selected WorksIke Willis: Selected Works - At age 21, Ike Willis was hired by late great American composer, rock guitarist and social commentator Frank Zappa as "frontman' - lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for what were to become some of the greatest musical ensembles to perform in modern music history. Ike "Mr. Big Voice" Willis is best known for his fluid, soulful and hysterical vocal ability. Willis quickly became a popular addition of Zappa's band during the 80's bringing voice to Thing-Fish, and is most widely known as the voice of Joe from the critically acclaimed Joe's Garage.
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